The moment an individual relishes the act of taking either drugs or alcohol, then an abuse is in motion.

Now, these substances are the top abused substances in the world and they come with adverse effects which many people are not aware of.

So, how do you specifically tell when substance abuse sets in? It’s simple.

For instance, if a teenage boy is pressurized by his friends to hang out with them at a local liquor bar. After much persuasion, he gives in and joins them in drinking alcohol.

With time, he becomes used to it and craves more of it. At this phase, the boy is abusing a substance- alcohol.

If it goes on longer than this, and the boy derives great pleasure in drinking alcohol, and would give up other productive activities, then the boy is addicted to alcohol.

So, to prevent addiction, it is best to tackle substance abuse. This gives you the insight that, not everyone who takes alcohol is addicted, some of them are at the abusive phase.

Bearing this in mind, it is important to help people tackle substance abuse so that it does not take them unawares. One way to achieve this is by informing them.

Most people do not know that the addiction lifestyle can be so deadly, and that they are on the verge of it. Speaking to these people would help change their thoughts about abuse.

Of course, it is best to approach them lovingly instead of using the criticism method. As humans generally, we frown at people who do not know how to correct us.

So, even though what they are saying is correct, we pay little or no attention to them. If we had our way, we would leave them at that very point.

Substance abuse is dangerous because the health of an individual is involved.

A good number of times, you do not need to get to the addiction stage before some organs in your body start deteriorating due to the abuse of substances.

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