How to Recognize Substance Abuse

recognize substance abuseUnderstanding when you have a substance abuse problem can be very difficult. Not all people who use alcohol or drugs have a substance abuse problem, but those who do will frequently be in denial of it, making light of their extreme behavior even if they are causing themselves legitimate harm. Denial is a common bed fellow to addiction and substance abuse, which creates a great deal of confusion about how much is too much when it comes to addictive substances.

The definition of substance abuse is to use a mood-altering substance more heavily than it is intended to be used. This condition can have many appearances. There are a number of signs and indications a person will exhibit when they are struggling with a substance abuse problem.

It is not uncommon for a person who is abusing a substance to want to hide their problem due to guilt or shame. Often, a substance abuser will attempt to handle their problem alone and will find the process too difficult and relapse. This begins a harmful cycle of defensiveness and self loathing that leads to worsened substance abuse.

An individual abusing a substance will experience a decline in their habits and in their capability to function. They will more than likely see their personal relationships deteriorate. They might begin to suffer in their work or school performance. Or they may do damage to their finances and their legal record. While the person is under the influence of the substance, their behavior may become reckless and out of control. They could black out and forget portions of time, or they may truly regret something they did while intoxicated. If you or someone in your life has a substance abuse problem, you are in need of the professional services of an addiction specialist or treatment facility.

Treatment for Substance Abuse