Treatment for Substance Abuse

substance abuse treatmentWhen you or someone you know is exhibiting signs of substance abuse, treatment in the form of rehabilitation and counseling is the necessary next step. There are a number of different types of inpatient rehabilitation programs available to treat substance abuse and it can be difficult to choose just one. The best quality rehabilitation centers will exhibit certain specific qualities.

Firstly, the treatment program will be tailored to the type of substance abuse the person is experiencing. This makes certain that the issues and difficulties relative to the type of substance being abused are dealt with. This consideration has major ramifications for the type of treatment that is needed.

Secondly, it is important to restore the individual back to their original health through a detoxification process. Detoxification can result in extremely unpleasant, even dangerous, withdrawal symptoms. It is important to have constant medical supervision available to a person going through withdrawal to ensure their safety. Not only will a quality treatment center provide this service to their client, but they will also do everything within their power to make the client as comfortable as possible through the process, including a prescribed diet, detox medications and all the healthy comforts of home.

Third, considerations for the rehabilitation program will to be made in relation to any type of mental illness that accompanies the substance abuse. This applies in the case of a co-occurring disorder, or dual diagnosis, which is the existence of a mental disorder as well as a substance abuse problem. This situation requires an expert level of treatment by seasoned professionals in order to deal with the simultaneously occurring disorders.

Fourth, the treatment itself will consist of counseling, workbook exercises, readings, physical exercises, group meetings and involvement in therapeutic activities. These components together will make the client understand the source of their problems and how to change them for good.